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Prince William County Moving

Our full team moving services offer all kind of moving services you need starting with services you need a day or few days before your move from your first home untill you setteled in your new home. We offer local and long distance moves in Prince William county, Packing and unpacking, Loading and unloading Trucks (rental trucks), hourly rate and flat rate moves, in home free estimate, short notice moves.

Local and long distance moving near Prince William County, Northern Virginia and DC
At Magic Movers LLC – A company of professional moving team, customer satisfaction is a top priority goal for our company. Every customer we deal with has to be delivered with the top quality service for their move. We send our professional team to our customers through Prince William County moving services and we are so confident from quality service they provide and the guaranteed customer satisfaction.

In Home Free Estimate
In most of the jobs we send one or two professional estimators from Prince William County Movers to gather all the information about the items inside the customer house. This free service will allow us to give our customers an exact estimate about how much or how long their job will last.

Flat Rate Moves
A lot of our customers would like to offer them flat rate move so they don’t have to worry about the time of the move and they really don’t want to go over their budget. We offer our customers the option between the hourly rate and the flat rate jobs.

Packing Moving Tips from Magic Movers LLC
Whether you hiring movers do your packing or you planning to do it yourself, packing a house can take a lot of time to get done. The following ideas should help in case of you decide to do the packing yourself.

  • Books and CDs. Try to pack the books, CDs and DVDs in small boxes since books are very heavy and they going to be extremely heavy if you pack them in medium or large boxes make sure you pack them in small boxes.
  • Lamps. Try to put each lamp in a box if you could, also you can surround it with sheets, covers and light stuff.
  • Pictures. You can wrap pictures by cardboard firmly taped all around, sorting similar size of pictures, mirrors and framing together is very important to avoid any break or damage.
  • China and kitchen Glassware. Make sure you wrap every single piece of glassware in one or more than one sheet of paper wrap or newspaper, also use hard small boxes for that matter and don’t try to squeeze a lot of them in one box.
  • Mark and tape all boxes visible and good way.